All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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Death Penalty

The rare acquittal of a death row prisoner in China, who had languished in prison through six years’ of appeals, is another reminder of the need to immediately end all executions and abolish the death penalty in the country, Amnesty International said.
Amnesty International Press Release Singapore has taken a reprehensible U-turn by executing the...
Meriam Yeyha Ibrahim, a Sudanese Christian and mother of two, was released from prison on 23 June after her sentence to flogging and death was reversed by an appeals court. She is now with her family in the United States Embassy in Khartoumbut is unable to leave Sudan due to further charges against her.
Saturday, 7 June 2014 - 11:00am
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Lawyers have confirmed to Amnesty International that an appeal has been lodged against the...
Death penalty art work
The Death Sentences and Executions report published yearly since 2009 by Amnesty International...
Amnesty International today warned of grave flaws in Egypt's criminal justice system after a court...
KUALA LUMPUR: With 992 prisoners in death row in Malaysia, Amnesty International Malaysia today...
Amnesty International Malaysia today criticised Malaysia for continuing to carry out executions in secrecy, in direct violation of international standards.
Nigerian Osariakhi Ernest Obayangbon was scheduled to be hanged on March 14 for committing murder 17 years ago but was given a last-minute reprieve, thanks to quick action by Amnesty International’s Malaysian chapter.


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Director's Message

Greetings, Human Rights Champions!

Firstly, I would like to wish each one of you a belated Happy 2017 and Gong Xi Fa Cai on behalf of the AI Malaysia crew. I hope you have had an amazing start to 2017! Thank you, also, for the continuous support you have given us throughout 2016.

Urgent Actions

Research student Siti Noor Aishah has been placed under ‘preventive detention’ for alleged possession of 12 books deemed ‘illegal’ by the...


Despite a pending clemency application before the state’s Pardon Board, brothers Suthar Batumalai and B. Rames Batumalai were...