All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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An open letter to President Joko Widodo

On behalf of Amnesty International’s seven million supporters worldwide, we are writing to express our grave concern about the impending executions of at least 10 people – from Indonesia, Australia, Brazil, France, Ghana, Nigeria and the Philippines – for drug-related crimes.


Amnesty International has campaigned for the abolition of the death penalty for over 30 years. Our long campaign has included efforts on behalf of several Indonesian nationals facing execution.

For example, in recent years, Amnesty International Australia has collected over 75,000 petition signatures calling for Saudi Arabia to halt executions of Indonesian domestic workers, including Satinah Ahmad and Siti Zainab Binti Duhri Rupa, both convicted of murdering their employers.

The recent executions of two Indonesian nationals, Karni binti Medi Tarsim and Siti Zainab Binti Duhri Rupa, are a terrible reminder of the death penalty’s brutality.

Amnesty International condemned these executions.

We also note the fact that your government justifiably protested Saudi Arabia’s execution of two Indonesian citizens.

Amnesty International is committed to campaigning against the use of the death penalty in all cases, irrespective of the nationality of those facing execution.

We urge you to grant clemency to the prisoners on death row facing imminent execution.

We understand Indonesia’s need to punish and deter criminal acts. Nevertheless there is no evidence that the death penalty deters crime more effectively than other punishments.

We are concerned that the decision to resume executions has set Indonesia against the global trend towards abolition of the death penalty and your country’s own progress in this area.

On behalf of our supporters, who have also campaigned for Indonesian prisoners facing the death penalty, we respectfully urge you to halt plans to carry out these executions.

We further urge you to establish a moratorium on all executions with a view to abolishing the death penalty.


Yours sincerely,

  • Claire Mallinson, National Director, Amnesty International Australia
  • Atila Roque, Director, Amnesty International Brazil
  • Stephan Oberreit, National Director, Amnesty International France
  • G. Ananthapadmanabhan, Chief Executive of Amnesty International India
  • Hideki Wakabayashi, Executive Director, Amnesty International Japan
  • Shamini Darshini, Executive Director, Amnesty International Malaysia
  • Rameshwar Nepal, Director, Amnesty International Nepal
  • Grant Bayldon, Director, Amnesty International New Zealand
  • Bo Tedards, Director, Amnesty International Taiwan
  • Piyanut Kotsan, Acting Director, Amnesty International Thailand
  • Catherine Hee-Jin Kim, Director, Amnesty International South Korea
  • B. Altantuya, Executive Director, Amnesty International Mongolia
  • Gemma Regina C Cunanan, Section Director, Amnesty International Philippines






Director's Message

Greetings, Human Rights Champions!

Firstly, I would like to wish each one of you a belated Happy 2017 and Gong Xi Fa Cai on behalf of the AI Malaysia crew. I hope you have had an amazing start to 2017! Thank you, also, for the continuous support you have given us throughout 2016.

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