All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
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Death Sentences & Executions 2015 Report launch
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News & Statements

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL NEWSFLASH Malaysia: End crackdown on Bersih activists The Malaysian...
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: ASA 28/5013/2016 Date: 19 October 2016 Malaysia: Drop...
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: ASA 28/4972/2016 Date: 11 October 2016 Malaysia:...
Media statement by Member of Parliament for Batu Kawan and Publicity Secretary for Wanita DAP...
PRESS RELEASE Let The Rope Fall, says Amnesty International Malaysia It is time for Malaysia to...
PRESS RELEASE Authorities must end secrecy on executions, Amnesty International Malaysia says...
AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE Malaysian entrepreneur and founder of AirAsia, Tony Fernandes...
The prosecution of artist and activist Fahmi Reza over a caricature of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak on social media is just another example of the continued crackdown on dissent in Malaysia.
6 APRIL 2016 PRESS RELEASE Malaysia remained unwavering in its use of capital punishment in 2015,...
First evidence of migrant exploitation on 2022 World Cup site Migrant workers building Khalifa...


International News

Mongolia’s parliament became the latest to consign the death penalty to the history books, in a major victory for human rights in the country, said Amnesty International today.
Police are expected to charge Maria Chin Abdullah, chairperson of the NGO coalition Bersih 2.0, on Tuesday 3 November under the Peaceful Assembly Act (PAA) for failing to give prior notice of at least ten days for a demonstration.
Behrouz Alkhani, a 30-year-old man from Iran’s Kurdish minority has been transferred out of Oroumieh prison’s general ward and placed in solitary confinement in preparation for his execution tomorrow, despite the fact that he’s still awaiting the outcome of a Supreme Court appeal, said Amnesty International.
The Chinese authorities must immediately ensure imprisoned journalist Gao Yu receives all necessary medical care, Amnesty International said, after her lawyer disclosed she is critically ill and is being denied appropriate treatment.
The Bangladeshi authorities must send a strong message that killings aimed at silencing dissenting voices are despicable and will not be tolerated, Amnesty International said in reaction to the news that blogger Niloy Neel was hacked to death at his home in the capital Dhaka today.

Press Clippings

The Heat Malaysia journalist is being investigated by police in regards to her article on the...
GEORGE TOWN: Police have detained a 26-year-old factory operator to assist investigations into an...
GEORGE TOWN, April 27 — A factory worker who allegedly posted offensive and vulgar comments against...
KUALA LUMPUR, April 20 — Use of physical torture to extract information from detainees is still...
PARLIAMENT The Attorney-General's Chambers has asked the police to complete their probe on a death...

Director's Message

Shamini Darshni

Greetings, Members of Amnesty International Malaysia! After several extremely busy months, I am so glad to be writing you to share news of the thrilling launch of our Stop Torture campaign.

Urgent Actions



Prabagaran Srivijayan...


HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDER released but STILL at risk

Maria Chin Abdullah,...



Death threats are the latest form...

2 West Papuan boys, Robert Yelemaken & Oni Wea arrested for painting graffiti calling for an independence referendum in West Papua
A second student tortured or otherwise ill-treated by police has been released.